Peer-to-Peer Campaign
Peer-to-Peer Campaign: Birdathon 2017

Money Raised: $55,958.98  Campaign Goal: $60,000.00

Support Bay Area birds and wildlife

through our Centennial Birdathon!


Birdathon is the biggest annual fundraiser for Golden Gate Audubon Society, which has been inspiring people to protect Bay Area birds for 100 years -- since 1917!

Donations are tax-deductible and will be used for conservation and environmental education programs, such as:

  • Our award-winning Eco-Education program, which since 1999 has provided field trips and hands-on nature education to over 19,000 low-income elementary school children and families from East Oakland, Richmond and San Francisco.
  • Restoring shoreline habitat with native plants that foster birds and wildlife and enhance the beauty of San Francisco Bay.
  • Campaigns to protect Bay Area birds such as endangered Least Terns in Alameda, threatened Snowy Plovers in San Francisco, and Burrowing Owls in Berkeley.

Want to learn more about Golden Gate Audubon? See our web site at

Then join us on one of the 150+ free bird walks we offer each year! No experience necessary; all are welcome.

Thank you for your support!


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Friends and Family of Dan Harris

  Raised: $2,860.00
  Goal: $2,017.00

Bruce Mast

  Raised: $2,200.00
  Goal: $750.00

Birdathon 2017 - Jack Ryder

  Raised: $2,000.00
  Goal: $2,000.00

Eric and Susan Schroeder

  Raised: $2,000.00
  Goal: $1,500.00

Chris and Gary Bard

  Raised: $1,825.00
  Goal: $1,500.00

Glen Tepke

  Raised: $1,617.00
  Goal: $1,500.00

Denise Wight

  Raised: $1,570.00
  Goal: $2,000.00

Dan and Joan Murphy

  Raised: $1,346.00
  Goal: N/A

Ilana DeBare

  Raised: $1,246.00
  Goal: $1,000.00

Robert Lewis

  Raised: $1,080.00
  Goal: $500.00

Jan Sutcher's Fundraising Page

  Raised: $955.00
  Goal: $1,000.00

Pat Greene Fundraising

  Raised: $655.00
  Goal: $600.00

Pauline Grant

  Raised: $605.00
  Goal: $500.00

Linda Carloni

  Raised: $585.00
  Goal: $1,000.00

Marj learns about Black-crowned Night Herons in Oakland

  Raised: $550.00
  Goal: $500.00

Alex Smolyanskaya's Fundraising Page

  Raised: $500.00
  Goal: $500.00

Cindy Margulis

  Raised: $500.00
  Goal: $500.00

Christopher Winn

  Raised: $430.00
  Goal: $1,000.00

Teri and Chris Wills

  Raised: $425.00
  Goal: $500.00

Patricia Langenhahn

  Raised: $400.00
  Goal: $500.00

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